Tips to make your Child’s Haircut go smoothly!

We love being a part of your child’s first haircut!

We know your little one can find it hard to sit still sometimes or feel uncomfortable with unfamiliar settings so we have compiled a list on what can be done to make this experience fun for everyone!

1. Deal with the sensitivities. Start by allowing your child to recognise their sensitivities. Give them words to identify their feelings, and let them know you notice and acknowledge their discomfort.

2. A visit to the salon. How about simply visiting the salon before the first appointment? You could ask the stylist to just comb their hair or give a partial trim. You could also schedule the appointment for a time of day when your child will be less tired or hungry.

3. Go shopping together. Take your child to the store with you and let them pick out their favourite hairbrush, shirt to wear as a cape and their favourite hair grooming products. It will help them calm down and decrease frustration.

4. Put on some music. Or in this case… their headphones. Not only do they block the noise, but they can also take the edge off of their anxiety. They can wear the headphones “upside-down” or use earbuds if they prefer, instead.

5. Bring food. Use comfort foods or treats as a distraction to help them.

6. Relaxation techniques. Think about activities that can help them relax, such as taking deep breaths before and during the event. It can work wonders!

We hope you find these helpful. Why not book in with us from the below details?

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