Nanokeratin – the best thing to happen to your hair!

Never had a Nanokeratin treatment before? This blog talks about what it can do for your hair.

We have this amazing treatment in Sobo Hair Boutique to smooth your hair and eliminate frizz. It also locks in colour and gives your hair an amazing shine. Inspired by nature, Nanokeratin has studied the natural hair process and how healthy hair works. This means they could formulate the product to work with the hair to heal on the inside and show results on the outside. People want healthy hair as well as shiny hair, and this product works to make sure you can have both.

Amir Segey is the founder of the Nanokeratin system. He was a formerly successful hairdresser entrepreneur and a developer of industry changing hair dying techniques.

This treatment is the United Kingdom’s leading smoothing product. It is very popular with clients as it revitalises tired hair and starts the processes of making it healthier.

The Nanokeratin System can be applied to all hair types, including anyone who has had any sort of chemical treatment.

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