Top Five Trends for Men 2018!

This blog is all about the latest trends in hair colour for men in 2018! We have rounded up some of the best trends we think you should try this year at Sobo Hair.

1. Platinum Hair

Lucky Blue

This can look so striking and can be built up to the preferred colour so you can get used to it every step of the way. It brings out features on the face and refreshes the hair and your overall look up.

2. Sun-streaked Hair

Sunstreaked hair

We love this hair as you only have to put in a few highlights into the hair and it provides a layer to the hair that is new and stylish. Perfect for getting that holiday look before the holiday!

3. Rich Brown

Rich Brown Hair

Add a bit of depth to your brown by adding highlights and lowlights to your brown to make the colour have many facets to it. It is a great simple way to update your hair colour without going for an entirely different look.

4. Chocolate Brown

Chocolate Brown

A little darker than the Rich brown, this adds highlights to darker brown hair to make it catch the light a bit more and make the colour pop.

5. Silver

Silver Hair

This is a huge trend for women in 2018, and it is a big one for the men also!  You can have any shade of silver you like, and it really is a different look for guys willing to embrace their inner silver fox.

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