March News

As you may have already heard, we have a possible re-opening date of the 26th April! Very Exciting news! Whilst we would love to start booking everyone in for after this date, we would like to wait until we feel confident this will be the case. We will soon confirm when we can get you all back in the chair!

Everyone booked throughout lockdown will be given priority to book in first. We will be putting together a waiting list for everyone else, you should receive a link from us by email, it will also be available across our social media platforms.

Fingers Crossed!






Are your greys getting harder to look at whilst salons are closed? Have you been tempted to chuck on a box dye? STOP! We have a solution for you!

L’Oréal temporary root touch up spray is formulated with make-up pigment to blend seamlessly with your hair whilst giving you great coverage and washes out in one shampoo! It comes in six shades, Dark Blonde, Light Brown, Brown, Black, Mahogany and Warm Blonde – all of which we have in stock!

Keep your eyes peeled for our Demo on this product with Sarah & Calhey on our Instagram!

Tip from our Senior Stylist Sarah – “Only use this on the areas that show your greys, don’t use this all over your hair, only the parting and sides for when you tie your hair back

Only £12 + FREE Delivery, Grab whilst stocks last!


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