Wolf Cut, A Summer 2021 Hair Trend

blonde wolf cut
Credit: Instagram @daniellamacran

The wolf cut is a blend between the mullet & the 70’s shag cut.

After a year and a half of people adopting the DIY mentality when it came to cutting their own hair, it’s no surprise the latest summer 2021 hair trend is a little wild. This audacious style is the latest viral trend on Tik Tok, reaching over 600 million views so far! 

The wolf cut seems to be low maintenance and requires little styling as the choppy layers do most of the work, you may need just a little texturising spray – however, if you have naturally straight hair, you might have to do some heated styling. “Everyone wants a wolf cut until they realise your hair will be flat unless you style it.” Said @coolmadsgames on TikTok.

Is the wolf cut & mullet the same?

Yes and no, a wolf cut can have a deep mullet, depending on how far back to your ears you want to take your fringe/bangs. You can also opt for a grown-out fringe if you don’t feel like plunging into the deep end. 

Here are a few ways you can wear this trend:

1. Soft Wolf Cut

before and after of blonde wolf cut
Credit: Us! Stylist: Sarah

This is a recent wolf cut we did at the salon! Our client opted for softer bangs at the front instead of the full fringe. We kept as much length at the bottom whilst adding in lots of choppy layers around the crown. 

2. Wolf cut with a deep mullet

debbyryan wolf cut
Credit: Instagram @debbyryan

Actor and singer Debby Ryan posted her big chop on Instagram, she brought her layered fringe back to her ears to bring out the mullet style, whilst taking a lot of weight out from the top – we think this edgy look is really wearable and will require little styling.

3. Curly Wolf Cut

simple cie Alf cut
Credit: Instagram @simply.cie

Frame your curls around your face and stack your fringe in layers to achieve this super shaggy look. This is so easily styled, just follow your usual routine to define your curls. 

4. Short Wolf Cut

Miley cyrus wolf cut
Credit: Instagram @mileycyrus

Brave it like Miley and opt for a Short Wolf Cut! A Mullet isn’t an alien concept to the Cyrus family which explains this bold look that has probably been the catapult behind the craze this year! 

5. Extreme Wolf Cut

extreme wolf cut with mullet
Credit: Instagram @dome4domes

It’s called a Wolf Cut for a reason – you’re supposed to get wild with it! Keep the under layers of your hair long with super shaggy layers on top and tapered down to the bottom. Add in a bold fringe to top it off!


Easy to Style

Gives you natural volume 

You’ll be totally on-trend

Looks great on ALL hair colours & textures


You need attitude to pull it off

You may have to get creative with your tied-up hairstyles 

If your hair is thick & straight, you may have to use heated styling tools 

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