Our Top 5 Layered Cuts for Thin Hair

Having thin hair doesn’t mean that you can’t have great hair. The key is having a hairstyle that works with fine hair, not against it. With the wrong kind of haircut, thin hair can look limp, flat, and lifeless. The right kind of haircut can transform thin hair, adding bouncy volume and healthy fullness. Keep reading to find out our picks for the best-layered hairstyles for fine hair.


Choppy Bob
Credit: Us

1. Choppy Bob

Light layers with waves add soft, ruffled volume to fine hair. Ask for an asymmetrical bob with feathered layers for a modern, trendy look. We suggest wearing with a deep part for added volume.






Angled Bob
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2. Angled Lob

This shoulder-grazing haircut is very flattering for fine or thin hair. Side-swept bangs frame the face, while feathery layers add movement and lots of volume.







Long hair with light layers
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3. Long with Light Layers

Fine hair doesn’t necessarily mean short hair! If you long for mermaid lengths, think feathery layers. These lightweight layers will add texture and movement to the ends, without weighing down the roots or making thin hair look limp or stringy.  Follow our style tips below to bring volume to the roots.






shag cut with bangs
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4. Shag with Bangs

We’ve been seeing this layered haircut everywhere lately – and loving it. Shaggy layers with blunt ends are easy to curl or air dry for beachy waves. (Perfect for next summer!) The bangs add shape and style to this look.






Chopped Pixie Cut
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5. Chopped Pixie

If you’re feeling bold, ask your hairdresser for a chopped pixie cut. A short and sassy pixie make hair look thicker and fuller, plus it’s easy to style. It’s also a great option to cut away any damaged hair from years of styling.






Must-Know Tips for Styling Thin Hair

Now that you have the right haircut, utilize these tips to bring the most out of your new look:

washed hair
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Start With Clean Hair

Bouncy, voluminous looks are the easiest to create on clean hair. Wash hair with a gentle shampoo like Aveda Botanical Repair Strengthening Shampoo, and follow by applying Aveda Botanical Repair Strengthening Conditioner to the ends – super important for reducing damage & frizz.






drying hair upside down
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Blow Dry Upside Down

Blow drying your hair upside down is one of the best ways to add volume to thin hair. Add a small amount of Aveda Thickening Tonic to hair and gently comb to distribute. Then, give your hair a rough blow dry hair with the nozzle pointed downwards to add volume while avoiding frizz. Rough dry until hair is 90% dry, then smooth hair using a round brush.





Aveda Damage Control hair products
Credit: Aveda

Protect Your Hair

Repeat after us: ALWAYS use a heat protectant before applying heat tools to hair. Fine hair is even more prone to breakage, and breakage means thinner hair. We suggest Aveda Heat Relief or Aveda Brilliant Damage Control. Use the lowest heat setting possible for your look, or opt for no-heat styles that embrace your natural hair texture whenever possible.







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